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9. Aftermath


I suppose a funeral can be held if my parents want, though I don’t really know how I feel about the idea.

Afterwords, please use my body for further testing to understand how Mercury damages the body and brain. And not just some bullshit blood test. Go deep into my tissues, stomach, organs, and brain. I’d like multiple private labs to do this, I don’t want any government bureaucracy and cover up of the results.

Mom and Dad, please make this happen. Please make my life mean something.


Hundreds of thousands of people are suffering from chronic Mercury Poisoning, and probably about 10x more who don’t realize yet that Mercury is their problem. I would like for awareness to be made so that these people can be helped, and a more effective way of removing Mercury can be developed.

And of course, I would like all forms of Mercury to be completely banned from our society, so that no one else will ever have to have their lives ruined by this toxic metal. This especially includes vaccines, flu shots, dentistry, and other medical treatments.

Also, I heard Johnny Depp is going to be starring in a movie about the Minamata Mercury Poisoning later next year. Hopefully that can raise some awareness as well.


After you have the data from my examination, please cremate me and bring me to Chiang Mai. Give me to Bua if she wants me. If not, bring me to Wat Doi Suthep.

I refuse to be buried and I refuse to be kept in the United States.


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