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3. Answers


In June 2018, I decided I needed to go back to the US, thinking maybe the change of scenery would help me figure this out.

Even after getting nowhere with doctors in the past, I was desperate, and began seeing every kind of specialist. No help.

I ordered every kind of herbal supplement known to man. Nothing.

After a couple months of intense research, I found an interesting connection to Candida (my previous issue); Heavy Metal Poisoning, specifically, Mercury.


I had never even heard of it before, and initially brushed it off, due to people reporting it took them years to get better by taking a special compound every 3 hours around the clock.

I couldn’t wait years, I needed relief now. I was looking for anything else to be the problem so that I could solve it instantly.

Then one night, I had a Turmeric drink and had a very strange reaction to it. My head became cold and felt like it had a clamp around it. This lasted a few days.

What the fuck? Isn’t Turmeric supposed to be the miracle supplement?


Then I remembered an article I read from the Mercury group. It listed foods and supplements to avoid and one of the big ones was Turmeric due to it raising Thiol (sulphur) levels.

I immediately went back to the page and read everything there was to know about Mercury.

Fortunately after a year and a half of searching, I finally found my answer. Unfortunately, I would rather have any other disease than this.


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