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5. Chelation


After a year and a half of worsening symptoms and no answers, I was thrilled to finally have a diagnosis. I thought that figuring out that I have Mercury Poisoning would be the end of my struggles. I didn’t realize how hard it was to actually go about chelation, and I didn’t think I would react so badly to it.

I went full speed ahead and moved way too fast even after knowing that chelation is a long term process. I wasn’t thinking clearly and I just wanted this stuff out of my body and brain.

For a primer on the protocol, read this guys account of chelation as he explains it very well –


Anyway, the first thing I did was get ALA from the vitamin store. The lowest dose sold however was 100mg. The recommended starting dose is 12.5mg-25mg. So I split the tablets into 4 and I started my first round. 

After the first few doses I felt the same cold and clamp-like feeling around my head like I did from Turmeric, and I couldn’t sleep at all. I was in full blown zombie mode and my thinking was even more impaired than it was beforehand.


I knew I needed a lower mg amount, so I had the genius idea to blend all the ALA tablets I had so I could better control the dosages. When I opened the blender, I inhaled about 20,000mg of ALA. Fucking hell.

The next few few days were some of the worst imaginable. The pressure in my head was unreal, and I became extremely sensitive to EMF. I couldn’t even go in a room with an electronic device without intense head pain, sickness, and confusion.


I could also barely move, I was slurring my words, and my emotions were completely night and day. It was a true Madhatter scenario and I felt Autistic. 

It took about a month for these new symptoms to lessen, but then eating any kind of high thiol food would cause these symptoms to return. Cilantro fucked me up quite a few times, as my Blood-Brain-Barrier became very weak. 

My thinking ability, and blurry vision/derealisation also permanently worsened. 


After that, I got micro-doses of ALA and DMSA online, but at this point I was way too sensitive to them. I continued failing rounds, and got worse each time from the redistribution to the brain.

My chelation mishaps have made me 1000x worse than I was originally, and if I knew how much worse it could’ve got, I would’ve probably been able to live the rest of my life only partially disabled from the initial redistribution from the Bactrim (which I explain further here). 


But at this point, it’s just all too much.

I now know how dangerous moving Mercury around is. And the worst part is, it won’t kill you. It will just render you completely disabled and unable to function.

My life right now is not worth living in the slightest, and with no alternative solution to miraculously removing the Mercury from my body and brain, I am choosing to end it without any more suffering.

Chelation has helped many people remove mercury and get their lives back, but it doesn’t work for everyone.

Here are some positive chelation experiences, and you can find many more in the very active facebook group with more than 50,000 members.


In terms of Chelation working or not, it depends a lot on your gene mutations, and also massively on how much Mercury is already inside of your brain, and the state of your body when you start Chelation.

Unfortunately, I was already way too messed up for this to ever work.

Here’s a really good article that explains why Chelation can sometimes have an adverse effect –


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