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10. Good Parts of My Life


Being best friends with Gary

It was a lot of fun when I was young. Gary was my first and best friend I ever had, and my dad used to take us to do whatever we wanted. We lived right across from each other in the Soap Factory, and then later in Georgetown. We used to go to Lake Compounce all the time and we had this huge stuffed animal collection from playing the games. And we went to Friendly’s a lot.

We also went on these dope ski trips every year. Mainly in Vermont but one year we went to Park City. That powder was the shit! Gary was a social butterfly and had a big influence on my life as I used to be really shy.

We drifted apart a bit as we grew up but reconnected again for a few years before I started traveling around. I wish I could’ve been around more as of late.


Middle School

I didn’t even live in Tolland but I went to Tolland Middle School. It was pretty strange as I didn’t play sports/live in a neighborhood with the other kids, but I still had a lot of good memories. In 7th and 8th grade there was a dance every other friday. Those were so fun. 50 cent and Nelly were the jams!

I had 2 massive crushes: Samantha in 6th/7th grade, and Mallory in 7th/8th grade.

I was also best friends with Alexis in 8th grade. We used to talk on the phone all the time and get each other presents. I didn’t even know she liked me until I looked back on the situation when I was in highschool. I was too obsessed with Mallory to notice haha.

Alex was an awesome girl. I still think about her from time to time, I wish we kept in contact. I hope she has a good life, as well as Sam and Mallory, and everyone else I was friends with at TMS.


Camp Woodstock

Man, Camp Woodstock was the shit. I started going when I was 8 years old until I was 15. Every summer for 2 weeks and it couldn’t be any more fun. There were so many good times that I wish I could remember more clearly.

Fishing and Wiffle Ball were always the chillest staple activities. Ben Hour was always the best part of the day. Hobo Stew & Banana Boats on the overnight camping trips were always bomb. And the dance was always dope. Bye Bye, Miss American Pie. Maybe I’ll listen to that before I go out, seems fitting.

Cabin 9 and LIT year were on a whole different level. I always regretted not coming back for CIT. That was a mistake.

Shoutout to the mainstays: Andrew, Zack, Austin, Mike, Peter, Sam


Cruise Freshman Year

During the winter of freshman year of high school, I got to my experience my first cruise to the Caribbean. I set up shop at the Teen Club and met the best group of kids I could have ever imagined. It was the perfect week and probably my favorite part of my life.

We stayed up till 6am every night and I’d wake up at 4pm the next day. Everyone else went on excursions but I just loved being on the boat, and desperately needed sleep haha. There was always something to do and I couldn’t get enough of the free food, ice cream, and strawberry daiquiris.

Me and this group of kids had so much fun it was fucking awesome. If I could’ve lived on that boat forever I would’ve. Shoutout to Royal Caribbean Jewel of The Seas.


To Say The Least

I moved back to my hometown of Glastonbury for high school and it was pretty difficult for me. It was a huge school and I knew no one. However, I started playing the drums and joined a band with 2 new friends, Brandon and Joel.

We weren’t that bad for a high school band, and we played shows and recorded some songs. We had some epic times at band practice. A lot of weed and Seinfeld binging took place.

You can check our our music here:



Senior year of high school I started delivering pizza at Luna’s in town. It was a great place, everyone was a family and I really enjoyed being a part of it. Most weekend nights we would all chill after work. I continued delivering on and off throughout the beginning years of college and it was always fun to be around.

Shoutout to: Jorge, Odar, Rich, Luis, David, Aubrey, Theresa, Jackie, Emily, Amber


Second Semester UHart

After a tough college transition for me, I was part of a fun little friend group during second semester.

We had a lot of parties in my suite-mate Nick’s room, and had some sick bong seshes. I also had a great time with my first serious girlfriend, Alex. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready for a relationship and I treated her really badly at the end. I’m extremely sorry for that Alex and I hope you have a great life.

UHart was an awful school though, many including me did not return for another year.

Shoutout to: Jason, Nick, Alex, Carly, Brittany, Sarah


Self Improvement 2013-2014

Being really confused on the direction of my life, one night on YouTube I stumbled across a dope self-improvement channel. I had never even thought to work on myself before, and I definitely had a lot of improvements to make. During this time I started going to the gym consistently, got new clothes/hairstyle, and worked a lot on my anxiety and social life.

I started seeing a lot of results and was really proud of myself. This eventually gave me the confidence to start building businesses online, and eventually move to Thailand.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

I did it. I finally got to Chiang Mai in November, 2016 and was absolutely blown away. Those first 2 months of meeting new people from all over the world, going out to Zoe’s, learning new business methods, meeting Bua/learning Thai culture, was just the thing I needed to officially start my new life. I was on cloud nine and I didn’t really know how to handle it.

I thought I knew everything back then at 23, and I made a lot of mistakes which ultimately led me to that dreadful day of Bactrim in July, 2017.


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