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4. Mercury Poisoning


I am going to explain this in layman’s terms, but for a more scientific answer, please visit Andy Cutler Chelation. He is the only person that has put any type of real research into the dangers of Mercury and how to get it out of the body.

Oral Chelation for Mercury: The Andy Cutler protocol


To start things off, we need to go over how Mercury gets inside you to begin with.

There are five major ways mercury gets into your body:

  1. Vaccines/Medical Treatments
  2. Dental Amalgams
  3. Air from Industrial Facilities   
  4. Water/Fish
  5. Consumer Products


Once Mercury gets inside of your body, it will either be detoxed naturally, or will be stored in your organs and fat tissues for those with certain gene mutations.

If you have these mutations, the mercury will be stored in your tissues indefinitely. This leads to many strange symptoms as the Mercury builds up overtime.


The only way to remove stored Mercury, is by using chelation agents which have 2 Thiol (sulphur) compounds that bind to it. These include DMSA, DMPS, and ALA.

The problem here is that they don’t hold their bond permanently, and can redistribute the Mercury to other areas of the body. The safest approach developed thus far is to take extremely low oral doses according to their half life, so that the Mercury can be pulled out from the tissues and excreted without too much redistribution.

But even when you take the chelation agents this way, there are a lot of negative symptoms that arise while moving Mercury around. Especially with ALA, as it can cross the Blood-Brain-Barrier.


Mercury in the brain is the big problem, and all of my symptoms (derealisation, blurry vision, impaired thinking, light sensitivity, fatigue, sleep issues, tinnitus, etc.) matched up perfectly to Mercury Poisoning.

After I had all this knowledge, I got a HTMA hair test which is the only accurate way to measure heavy metal accumulation in the body, and ordered the chelation agents. I was confident that I finally figured out what was wrong with me, and this was convincingly confirmed with my test results which you can view below.

I also plugged in my ancestry DNA data that I got from Living DNA into Genetic Genie to view my genetic mutations. The yellow colors are heterozygous mutations, and the red is homozygous. The yellow mutations are pretty much just as bad as the red, and many of the mutations I have severely impact the detox pathways.


Hair Test Results

Genetic Genie Gene Mutations

Living DNA Raw Data


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