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7. Putting It All Together


As it turns out, besides causing all my current symptoms, Mercury also causes my previous health issues. The difference of intensity comes from where the Mercury is in the body and brain, and how much has accumulated over time.

The question then of course is how did Mercury originally get inside of me.


Most people who have Mercury Poisoning get it from “silver” amalgams which are actually 50% Mercury.

Thankfully I never got those.


But where is almost everyone receiving Mercury? Vaccines and Flu shots.

Until 2003, all Vaccines contained Thimerosal (which is ethylmercury), used as a preservative.

Many vaccines still contain Thimerosal today, and all Flu shots still contain it.

Needles to say, I received the full vaccine schedule as I was born in ‘93, plus a lot of duplicates for schools/camps/etc. I also received numerous flu shots as expected.


Now, the CDC and FDA claim that ethylmercury is safe to take in small amounts because the body can detox it, unlike methylmercury which they consider toxic because it can’t easily be detoxed.

They’re right in a sense, as most people can detox ethylmercury and won’t have any problems because of it.

But not everyone can detox it due to certain gene mutations, and it’s just as toxic as methylmercury if it stays in the body and get stored in your tissues.

They also admit that ethylmercury is toxic in larger amounts, yet they’re still injecting it. In addition after many adverse vaccine reactions had occurred in the late 1980’s, congress passed a law that blocks any lawsuits against vaccine companies.


There is a bunch of important research and evidence to this shown in the documentary, “Trace Amounts” –


The lack of my being able to detox Mercury is what unfortunately allowed it to accumulate in my body throughout my entire life. This also strongly correlates to my sleep and energy problems worsening over time, as well as my arthritis and back pain.

And Bactrim, which I took in July, 2017, is a 1 thiol sulphur compound, that can also cross the Blood-Brain-Barrier. When I took this drug, it binded to the Mercury in my body and redistributed some of it into my brain. It’s really true that once you mess with the brain you’re never the same. After that day I became a Zombie, and have been getting significantly worse ever since.

The ALA blender incident that I described in the Chelation Chapter, also redistributed a huge amount of Mercury from my body to my brain. Now it literally feels like I have Autism, and has made this whole situation unbearable.

In addition, my Blood-Brain-Barrier is so damaged, that instead of just high thiol foods/substances giving me symptoms, any food or substance that can cross the BBB will now do so. I can’t even relieve my bodily symptoms without other brain symptoms worsening.


From my unfortunate personal experience with this, I’m confident in saying that Autism in reality is actually just Mercury Poisoning. The severity of Autism just depends on your gene mutations and how much Mercury gets past the Blood-Brain-Barrier and stores in your brain.

“Vaxxed” has a lot of great research and evidence to check out as well, as it focuses more on the rise of Autism –

You can stream it free on Amazon here


“The Truth About Vaccines” is also a very good documentary to watch on Youtube:


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