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14. Release of Rights

I, Brian Bander, being the creator and owner of all information on the site “”, neither hold nor retain any claim or copyright on any part of this website. I do not grant these rights to any individual person or entity either in life or upon death. Rather I release all rights to this work – making it public domain. Please share my story and feel free to use it any way you wish.

In addition, this domain has been pre-purchased for 9 years through Namecheap with wordpress hosting through EasyWP linked to my Namecheap account. Unfortunately EasyWP doesn’t offer prepayments, and only offers 1 year auto-renewals. I give permission to my Dad, Jeffrey Bander, to have access to my Bank of America and Namecheap account so that payments will continue to be made and will continue to stay live on the internet indefinitely.

Furthermore, anyone is welcome to make back-ups in case there’s a problem with my hosting package.

Brian Bander
January 14, 2019