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12. SmileJoy


In my times of hardship, I came up with an interesting device. It’s called the SmileJoy and it’s a device that tapes your facial muscles into a permanent smile without you having to hold it.

You might think that sounds like a stupid idea, but I’m telling you this thing seriously works. I had a prototype made and you will feel much more happier and relaxed while wearing it.


The device can help people at home, at work, and even while you sleep. I envision the SmileJoy sold as a consumer product with additional applications in the mental health and medical space. It can help hundreds of millions of people suffering with depression to live happier lives.

I encourage anyone reading this to take this idea to the next level and make it a reality. All I ask is that you kindly give me credit for the invention.

I will leave the prototype with my body, and maybe my dad can give you more information on it.


But in reality, it’s just two separate pieces of elastic bands with velcro, attached to two plastic pieces where you apply the tape, (wrapping the tape around the backside of the plastic so it stays secure).

To apply the device, you first attach two pieces of tape to each of the plastic pieces, then smile and apply the tape to the corners of your mouth. Then just pull the velcro bands over your head and connect them with the right amount of facial stretch.

As long as you apply tape properly with the first sick, the tape will stay in place and you can talk, eat, etc. The stretch and strength of the smile may lessen after 30 min/1hr, so just retighten the velcro when that happens and you’ll get a stronger smile again.

Obviously this is just a prototype, and I’m sure a more efficient way of using this device can be made.


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